UCCSMS Produces Quality Medical Doctors-Dr. Kwashie

The Central Regional Director of Ghana Health Service, Dr. Tetteh Kwashie, has praised the University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences (UCCSMS) for producing high calibre medical doctors to help provide health care to people.

Dr. Kwashie noted that he was impressed about the professional manner in which UCCSMS medical doctors working at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital carried out their duties.

The Central Regional Director of Ghana Health Services made this commendation when he chaired the 6th White Coat ceremony for 61 students of the University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences who have completed the first phase of their medical education.

With this transition, the students who were robed by their lecturers have qualified to commence the second phase of their training to become medical doctors. White Coat ceremonies are held to symbolize that students have received foundations in medical education and are prepared physically and mentally to continue at the next stage.

The Provost of the College of Health and Allied Sciences (CoHAS) of the University of Cape Coast, Rev. Prof. H. S. Amonoo-Koufi in a remark noted that the event signify that the students were academically and psychologically prepared to receive patients. He also indicated that the UCCSMS believe in training medical students who would transform medical practice in Ghana to impact positively in the country’s health care delivery system.

The Dean of UCCSMS, Prof. Francis Ofei reminded the students that the White Coat was not a status symbol rather it has a scientific basis and therefore, they must be mindful of their actions and inactions henceforth. “Donning the White Coat has a lot of ethical practices to adhere to, so you need to be very careful wearing it as you continue to learn to become medical doctors”, he told the students.

The Guest Speaker for the occasion, Prof. Simon Bim-Naaeder from the Medical and Dental Council said the White Coat could bring a lot of trepidation to students about what lies ahead for them but assured them that with hard work and dedication they would overcome. He stressed that “Medical practice is an art and not just science therefore, practitioners are expected to exhibit qualities that will make clients comfortable while receiving medical care.”

Prof. Bim Naaeder noted that in order to uphold these qualities, they should have compassion and care for patients as well as communicating well with them. He called on the students to develop the sprit of teamwork since medicine is a team sports. Adding that “A single person does not save the patient but the team does”.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. John Nelson Buah advised the students to work within their confines since they were not yet medical officers stressing that “The White Coat will give you a feeling that you are a medical doctor, but you are not there yet”, he admonished them.

Prof. J. N. Buah advised them to take criticisms from their lecturers in good faith to sharpen their knowledge and skills as they aspire to become good medical doctors.

The students later swore the UCCSMS Students Oath.

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