Who We Are

The UCCSMS is an institution with a dynamic and open attitude to medical education. Our strategic vision focuses on modern medical education. We seek to preserve the best from the traditional medical curricula while at the same time willing to embrace new and innovative methods of teaching and learning that are of proven value.
Our curriculum is based on the best practice from around the world, and in line with modernization within the Ghana Health Service and requirements of the Medical and Dental Council. The UCSSMS curriculum has a conscious bias towards the discipline of Community and Public Health. This is because the main burden of disease in our country (as in most African countries) lies in causes rooted in the community.
We offer an exceptional academic programme designed around an innovative curriculum supported by modern instructional technology. We visualize an approach to medical education that challenges students to think analytically. Learning activity throughout the curriculum is problem-based. Our curriculum is characterized by the absence of discipline-oriented subjects. The emphasis is on an integrated approach to the study of human structure and function in health and disease. Students are therefore actively involved in the learning process.

The UCCSMS course is one that is founded on clinical skills training and early contact with patients, with emphasis on community orientation.
The training our students receive ensures that, when they graduate, they will be among the best prepared medical graduates in the country – having been exposed to a wide range of community experiences and clinical placements in various parts of the central and western regions. Students are called to apply themselves diligently and to be committed to their programme of study, since the UCC does not compromise on the rigor of its standards. We believe that discipline is the major determinant of success at the school.